Pure Herbs Hand & Bodylotion 1 Ltr. doos a 9 Stuks

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Pure Herbs Hand & Body lotion in a handy 1 ltr. bottle. Ideal to fill your empty pump bottle

An invigorating shower or bath with Pure Herbs haar & body shampoo in the morning or at night before going to bed is wonderful. But just then your skin needs extra nutrition and that nutrition is in the herbal body lotion. The rosemary, melissa and thyme extracts give you the freshness, but also the care your skin needs.

The skin is exposed daily to all kinds of external influences, such as the sun, but also harmful substances such as exhaust fumes. The Pure Herbs hand and body lotion protects your skin against these substances and ensures that your skin remains healthy, vital and soft, thanks in part to the added herbal extracts.

De Pure Herbs hand en bodylotion is:

  • pH-huidneutraal
  • skin compatibility dermatologically approved
  • enriched with rosemary, lemon balm and thyme extract

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