6 Tips voor een fijne horeca beleving voor de gast

When people go out to eat, they like to be pampered a bit. Both the people who just want to have a good time as the people who just want to have a business lunch or dinner. The atmosphere experience is great important† The guests should be able to enjoy and relax carefree and in the case of a business meeting, even more can depend on it.

Catering experience
Decor, restaurant atmosphere, use of color, lighting, the whole picture has to be right. When guests step in, they should immediately feel welcome. Of course, this is a task for the employees, but certainly the design and decoration of the restaurant are the calling card. It's the first thing guests see when they enter, or maybe through the windows before that. Draw guests in by creating the perfect atmosphere.

The restaurant atmosphere you want to radiate can differ per season. In the middle of summer, the guest wants a different catering experience than in the middle of winter. Therefore, the choice for airlaid servetten be very clever above linen. That way you can easily change the whole look in a few simple steps. And for lunch maybe matching pouches† don't forget the glasses for refills to match the whole. Nice detail here can be a print on the napkins† A lot is possible in that area. Let yourself be surprised by the options. This way you can also create something unique.

To give the uniqueness of your restaurant a little more attention, you can also think about themes. Maybe your restaurant is located in a historic building that has a good story to tell. You can then implement this in the imprint of the pouches and napkins and in the story what your employees do. If the building is not striking, perhaps there is something nice to say about the area or about former residents. Or think about a theme per season, for example. Keep in mind which target group you have or which target groups you want to attract. Adjust your menu in layout or content accordingly and let your employees and the cook think along. Get them involved. If your employees are involved and radiate this on the guests, it will certainly ensure loyal guests.

Nowadays, a lot of attention is paid to lighting. Rightly so, because lighting can make or break the entire atmosphere experience. Imagine the difference between soft direct and indirect light and, for example, fluorescent tubes. Then you immediately know how important light really is. Actually, a candle refill of tea light not missing on the table. The choice is almost unlimited here. The glasses for tea lights or refills are available in the most beautiful colors and designs. Again matching the napkins and pocket squares.

Of course, guests regularly bring children to the restaurant. Children are very different, but you would rather not have them running around. A nice idea are the bestekpochettes with a coloring page on it. A small box with colored pencils and you have the children sweet at the table. This is very pleasant for both the parents and the other guests.

Today's guests are not as easy as they used to be. It's not just about food and drink anymore. It's about the complete experience. A feast for all the senses. Of course tasting is important, but the eye also wants something and sound is also an important aspect in the whole story. The guest turns off his feelers and wants the complete picture as perfect as possible. And you also want to see your guests again. A loyal guest is worth gold. You want good restaurant reviews, because that is also something you should not underestimate. Nowadays everything is immediately on the internet and a bad review does more harm than you would like. You can say that customer satisfaction in the hospitality industry is of vital importance.

All kinds of studies have already been done into the hospitality experience and this shows that a pleasant experience contributes positively to the operating result and that is of course what you want to achieve. A better result and more turnover, happy guests and motivated employees.

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