Tafelaankleding.com is nu Hospitalitydiscounter.com!

In recent years we have offered our articles through various platforms under various web shops.

Here we offered all our atmospheric articles for the catering industry, but private individuals have also known for some time to find good tea lights.

The catering industry and other companies mainly came here to order their filling materials for their general toilets / kitchen hygiene and hand disinfection items.


we had wanted to offer all our products through 1 webshop for a while, so that visitors can see our complete offer at a glance, and we can help the customer better and manage our offer more easily.

Only with Tafelaankleding.com and lanza-hygiene.nl, it was difficult to combine them under one of those names..

We want a name that clearly reflects the entire range, and since we also receive orders from Germany and other countries, our table setting didn't seem quite appropriate anymore :-)

So that's why we went for a hospitality discounter! We try to offer quality items at a competitive price.

We are still adding our complete range, so keep an eye on our webshop.


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