5 tips om de beleving van uw klanten te blijven prikkelen!
In addition to the excellent food you undoubtedly serve, the experience for your customer also plays a major role in his decision to return to your company more often. Since a catering company will not change much in terms of interior over the years, you can choose to continue to excite your returning visitors by changing your table setting every now and then. A beautifully set table can determine the appearance of your company, various studies have shown that customers appreciate it when effort has been made to properly dress the tables.

Thanks to airlaid & tissue products you can easily change your look. Below you will find a number of tips that you can use to continue to surprise your guests at the table.

Change the table setting for Breakfast / Lunch & Dinner

Placemats, Pouches & tissue napkins
for breakfast / lunch it is important to be able to work smoothly, so that your customers can continue on time.
The placemat / pochette / tissue napkin, also called paper napkins, are a good solution for this, these combinations are cheaper than airlaid napkins, which fits well with the prices of your lunch menu.
good quality, attractively priced. Ideal for breakfast and lunch.

Airlaid Articles
At dinner you want to offer a nicely set table with, for example Airlaid Tafellopers and a airlaid serverAirlaid items have the luxurious look of linen, but the soft and pleasant characteristics of paper napkins.

with the added advantage that they are available in all colors and prints. These products, such as napkins, tablecloths and table runners are ideal for dinner.


Emphasize themes and seasons
seizoens servettenseizoens servetten herfstseizoens servetten winter

Spring, summer, fall, winter, any start of a season is a great time to ring in with a matching table setting, whether you opt for paper napkins or airlaid napkins, moving with the seasons will continue to excite your customers, this keeps the experience fresh and exciting.


Burning candles invite you to step inside

candles are indispensable on a dining table, with the 24 hour refills you don't have to worry about this all evening, we recommend that you always leave the candles on the tables burning on dark days, take a look around for yourself when you walk outside how inviting this looks, potential customers will step in sooner! Refills are available in different colours, so you can easily match them with the rest of your outfit.

Personalize your table setting

Mini ServetDruppelvanger met eigen opdrukbestekzakjes met eigen opdruk
Present your business through coasters, napkins, placemats, or pocket squares of your own own print to provide. In addition to a logo, the design can also be completely adapted with your own ideas, or have a digital test set-up made that fits in with the corporate identity of your company. research shows that 75 percent of users see the personalized print on a napkin and 70 percent of them actually remember that message. Custom print is a proven, effective way to get a message across to your guests.


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