Onze top 3 meest verkochte kaarsen

Ordering candles nowadays often happens online, actually ordering candles online is the most convenient, you choose the color and the number, and you have them the next day!

Our best-selling candles at the moment:


Q-lights, refills standard clear 60 pieces per box.
An indispensable part of the catering industry! the refills are easy to change & burn for 24 hours so you don't have to worry about it all evening! With the different glasses can you give your decoration a different look every time
Available from €23.71 excluding VAT

In our collection Pillar candles & others you will find large candles, blue candles and also green candles, the blue candle gives a nice look to a set table, and is still often ordered.
Available from €27.21 excluding VAT

Q-lights, candle refills Orange, 60 pieces per box.
The orange refills are playful and adventurous, and of course they also go well with certain themes.
generally they are supplied with transparent glasses for candles used, or semi-transparent, so that the orange remains visible. play with different color candle refills keeps your interior fresh and challenging
Available from €28.19 excluding VAT
Whatever candle you use, it is important to try to napkins, tafellopers in candles connect well, make your table setting a cohesive whole, and show that you have put effort into creating a pleasant atmosphere for your guests!
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