We do not only print in color,
we also think "green".

Quality according to DIN ISO 9001: 2015 for the safety of our customers! The highest level of
technological know-how and flexibility guarantee our customers individual solutions
under the umbrella of a certified management system according to DIN ISO 9001:2015.

FSC® is an international guarantee seal.
Wood and paper with the FSC® quality mark are guaranteed not to come from over-exploitation. On the contrary: it stimulates social and environmentally friendly forestry! For our customers, buying FSC-certified products means certainty. Certainty that no people were exploited, nor animals or plants were endangered during forestry.

Products with the PEFC quality mark are demonstrably sourced from ecologically, economically and socially sustainable forestry. The entire production process - from raw material to ready-to-use end product - is certified and checked by independent experts.

With the award of the EU Ecolabel "Flower", we have demonstrated that our certified products meet the strictest criteria in terms of environmental and health protection throughout their life cycle. Specifically this means:
use only wood from sustainable forestry, strictly limit materials that are harmful to health and the environment (e.g. ban chlorine gas as a bleaching agent), have a well-functioning waste management system and significantly reduce energy consumption in production.

Our napkins (60g/m² Airlaid, white and printed) and the inks we use are biodegradable.
components, making them compostable and able to carry the 'OK compost' and
Keimling" labels. The products meet the strict requirements of DIN EN 13432, which relate to
not only biodegradable, but also in accordance with the limit values for hazardous substances such as
as heavy metals to avoid possible ecotoxicity. That is why we offer table accessories with these napkins that are both environmentally friendly and resource-saving and that comply with the
compostability standard EN 13432 and meeting the requirements of FSC®-certified products

We break new ground with a production process that is geared to environmentally conscious behaviour. That's why our
The entire product range is printed exclusively with solvent-free water-based inks. The garbage
the water from our production processes is then passed through a modern wastewater
treatment plant and to a point where it can then be returned to normal waste
water cycle.

Our well-being standards, sustainability factors and business operations are regularly reviewed
during audits performed by the audit organization SEDEX. SEDEX works worldwide on behalf of
of companies, currently about 26,000, to audit the activities of its suppliers according to SMETA

The seal of approval "Guaranteed sustainability - investments in the future" recognizes the existing,
extensive sustainability inspection in the three main areas of ecology, economy and
social responsibility.
We have received this seal of approval from the German private institute for sustainability.
and the economy since 2018. This means that we stand for responsible production, which maintains the following
natural resources and save energy. This means that sustainability is even more of a
strategic priority for our business orientation.

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